About Us


Welcome to Gourmet Creations!  

America's premier site for top of the line gourmet vegetable dip mixes, olive oil blends and dessert mixes.  Our mission is to provide you with USA made tasty, high quality products that make your dining experience more memorable.  Gourmet Creations is committed to the innovation and the development of gourmet dip mixes that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Whether your preferences are sweet, savory or spicy our ever-expanding product line has something for you.

We also offer our products wholesale!  If you are interested in starting your own business today email our customer service team to find out how to get started.

Our fundraising program is a unique and exciting venture that has a 50% profit, no upfront investment and FREE shipping!  If you are looking for tantalizing, new products to sell for your organization send an email to gourmetcreations@yahoo.com.

Our easy ordering process makes it a pleasure to shop online! Let your taste guide you through our website!